Law enforcement products supplier Police Innovations, LLC, has eliminated damage to its Supplement Prisoner Adjustable Restraint (SPAR) devices incurred during transit by replacing manual stretch-wrapping with the automated TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machine. Cutting the rate of orders arriving damaged from nearly 50% to zero, the TAB Wrapper Tornado automatically wraps stretch wrap 360 degrees around the entire restraint chair and under the pallet to create a secure, unitized load that prevents the chair from shifting in transit. “There had to be a better way,” thought Police Innovations President Matthew Planer, reeling from the devastation of replacing damaged parts or entire units after already taking up to 16 weeks in production. “When I first saw the TAB Wrapper, it blew my mind – it's amazing.”

Developed by TAB Industries, Reading, Pennsylvania, the TAB Wrapper Tornado eliminates the need for crates and boxes, cuts packaging waste, and enables the restraint chairs to ship fully assembled with multiple units nested on the same pallet. The orbital wrapper also speeds the pallet wrapping process to less than one minute per pallet load, contributing to a 400 percent reduction in lead times. Since upgrading the packaging process with the TAB Wrapper Tornado, not a single order has been damaged during transport or rejected upon arrival. “It's a huge relief having this level of protection during shipping and storage.”