Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries has introduced built-in load cells as an option on its fully automated TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm wrapping systems. Integrating the weighing function as part of the automated wrapping process, the built-in load cells eliminate the need for stand-alone floor scales to streamline the shipping process and open floor space for improved safety. Installed at the final outfeed conveyor, the shear beam load cells weigh the final, fully wrapped pallet load, container or product as packaged and ready for delivery to ensure the weight printed on the bill of lading meets freight company requirements and matches the terminal scale weight. 

The Perfect Storm with integrated weighing was developed for wrapping metal and plastic parts, chemical drums, bulk containers, bagged powders, building products and a wide variety of other palletized loads requiring a secure, tight wrap that stays intact during delivery by LTL. The orbital wrapping system automatically wraps plastic film 360 degrees around and under the pallet to create a stable, unitized load with verified weight in as little as 15 seconds per pallet load versus.