One key step in Mondi’s approach is to explore opportunities to reduce material use in favor of more sustainable alternatives – related to the packaging as well as the product itself. This can be seen in a collaboration between Mondi and UK supermarket chain Tesco where the companies worked together to develop a fully recyclable mono-material pouch for Tesco’s dishwasher tablets.

Another approach is to replace plastic packaging with paper or bio-based alternatives. Mondi’s Functional Barrier Paper is a range of recyclable paper-based packaging with tailored barrier properties that reduces the amount of plastic used and provides moisture and vapor-proof packaging.

For the home & personal care industry, in particular, the use of post-consumer recycled material is an effective alternative that reduces the reliance on fossil-based primary resources. A large number of resin producers are currently investing in additional mechanical recycling facilities that will increase the availability of materials, while chemical recycling can address hard to recycle plastics and provide much needed post-consumer resins suitable for food application.

A refill option, meanwhile, is perfect for ensuring that where plastic does need to be used, it is created well, then refilled and re-used for a long time. Mondi has worked with market leader Henkel to create a lightweight, recyclable refill pouch for its dishwashing liquid, which can then be decanted into its 100% recycled PET pump dispenser. This move helps Henkel consumers reduce plastic by 70%.