The Shirley Temple has been a popular non-alcoholic drink since its namesake pranced and pouted across movie screens in the 30s. The adult cocktail version is made 'dirty' with a shot of vodka.

The Black Infusions Dirty Shirley RTD was the spark of Barbara Davidson, Co-Founder of Black Infusions, who recalled the nostalgic treat of ordering a Shirley Temple as a child. "It was a special, it was fun and it was yummy, and after the last two years, I figured we could all use a reminder of simpler times. Our new Dark Cherry vodka gives us a delicious yet all-natural twist with the convenience of a can."  

Black Infusions Dirty Shirley is made with dark cherry vodka, naturally infused with real cherries, and is free from artificial sugar, colors and ingredients, unlike the "syrupy, verging on sickly sweet" version which the New York Times reports is served in many bars,

"One of the reasons for the success of Black Infusions among mixologists is our versatility," added Michael Davidson Co-Founder. "Black Infusions Dirty Shirley brings the convenience of a can to a beloved cocktail that is ideal for summer."