The Corkcoal stopper, which is distinguished by its innovation in materials, its commitment to sustainability and its careful design, worldwide and within the framework of the ProWein fair.  

Processes are used in the manufacture of traditional micro granulated cork stoppers, with the consequent use of water, energy and chemical agents. All this with the aim of eliminating unwanted properties (taste, odor, color, etc.) of the cork. Corkcoal combines two materials; cork and activated charcoal. The latter naturally neutralizes and traps unwanted substances in the cork, as well as accepting and integrating variations in color and size of the micro granulate. 

Corkcoal is unique, therefore, in terms of sustainability because it reduces rejects and raw material waste without sacrificing quality; because the industrial cork washing processes are reduced and chemical bleaches are not used, and, therefore, its carbon footprint is lower. In addition, the active charcoal accelerates the biodegradation process of the stopper. Compared to other stoppers, thanks to its materials, Corkcoal offers a lower transfer of flavors to the product, and being neutral it also has better organoleptic properties. 

The Corkcoal collection consists of three models: Sharp, Barrel and Cornice, with two sizes available 21.5 mm and 18.5 mm. Their design makes them perfect for spirits. Charcoal is a key element in the wine and spirit-making process and the use of a stopper with this material gives these bottles authenticity.  The material and appearance of Corkcoal prevail, highlighting the natural qualities of charcoal from renewable sources.