At Drinktec (September 12 - 16), DW Reusables will be featuring its solutions for the beverage industry that meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging. 

The "first-to-last-mile" innovations include:

  • Innovative returnable shelf-ready packaging that enhances the overall packaging experience. 
  • E-commerce-ready packaging that makes shipping beverages in glass bottles safe.
  • The first E-ink display crate, allows brands to constantly update information such as branding and promotions. 

New in their portfolio is the offering dedicated to smaller craft brewers. DW Reusables will provide a range of standard crates, with a modern, timeless design, incorporating trendy eco messages. The crates that cover every type of bottle will be available on a dedicated webshop for craft brewers, in quantities as low as just one pallet, so craft brewers can shift at their own speed.

Additionally, DW Reusables will display their pallets for crates and kegs, as well as Stackabox, a dedicated container for the storage, transport and dispensing of pet preforms and caps & closures.

The Stackabox Hybrid is a bulk-dispensing container that can further optimize the supply chain by adapting the container’s height to the optimal size for content or transportation. 

To learn more about DW Reusables’ offering, visit their booth 345 in hall C6, or visit their website at

Click here to schedule a meeting with a representative.