Koehler Paper, part of the Koehler Group, is adding another product for use in the fast-food market to its flexible packaging paper portfolio.

Consumer demand for sustainable products and packaging has been evident in the fast-food sector for some time now, which is why system catering is also increasingly looking for solutions in this field. Back in October, Koehler launched Koehler NexPure Wrap, a paper designed for burger packaging with extremely low grammage, onto the fast-food market. Now, with Koehler NexPure OGR, the company is bringing an oil- and grease-resistant sustainable paper onto the market, which will be suitable for packaging foods such as fries, sandwiches, wraps and burritos.

With the latest development—Koehler NexPure OGR—Koehler Paper, a leading provider of papers with a disruptive barrier function for packaging solutions, is adding another sustainable solution to its portfolio for the fast-food market. The product is entirely free from fluorochemicals and is therefore a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to the packaging paper currently used in the fast-food sector. The new paper, designed for packaging foods such as fries, has a grammage of 38 grams per square meter (gsm) and uses natural raw materials for the barrier function.  

Christoph Wachter, Director of the Flexible Packaging Paper division at Koehler Paper, says: “With this new development, we have produced sustainable fast-food packaging that is entirely free from fluorinated chemical coatings while offering the same properties as those that do. This ensures that the paper is fully recyclable.”

It exclusively uses pulp from certified sustainable forestry and controlled sources as its fiber material.

"The unique arrangement of the paper fibers also enables us to achieve a high whiteness and excellent printability,” adds Wachter.