With hundreds of articles posted this year, we thought it befitting to share the Top 10, in case you haven't read one yet.

It’s worth noting that we ran multiple stories about plant fires this year (some of which made the Top 10 list), sparking Packaging Strategies to ask in June, “Can we talk about the plant fires?” That question served as the headline for the No. 1 story in 2022.

Here are the Top 10 stories that have proven to be the favorites from our online readers this year. Enjoy the look back at these various features.

1. Can We Talk About the Plant Fires?

2. Fire Damages Food Processing Plant in Wisconsin

3. Understanding Hemp Plastics

4. Sealing basics: Understanding the differences between impulse heat, constant heat, and ultrasonic heat sealing

5. Blister Packaging vs. Bottles for Pharmaceutical Products

6. Why ISO Standards Are Important in the Packaging Industry

7. Three Ways AI is Changing the Food Industry

8. Poultry Plant Catches Fire Due to ‘Unknown’ Causes

9. Digital Printing: A Packaging Revolution

10. The Impact of Packaging on Supply Chain Performance