American Canning, a canning service provider based in Austin, Texas, has announced that it will be manufacturing aTULC beverage cans for the first time in the United States. Made for craft beverages and developed by Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, the aTULC (aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can) aims to broaden the spectrum of beverage compatibility within can packaging while simultaneously advancing sustainability measures on an already infinitely recyclable product.

Produced in a waterless plant, aTULC uses a pre-coated aluminum sheet with a more robust liner to protect against corrosion and increase product sustainability.

“aTULC makes it possible to install a can manufacturing line in one-third the footprint of conventional facilities without water or the need for infrastructure to support wastewater treatment,” said Satoshi Nishino, Executive Officer and Head of Customer Solutions at Toyo Seikan Group Holdings. “As a result, it is possible to supply smaller lots of local product for local consumption.”

The pre-coated aluminum sheet eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and lubricants that are typically required to form raw aluminum into shape, and it also guarantees consistency in liner application, which ultimately extends product shelf-life and reduces flavor absorption.

“U.S. craft is experiencing strong growth in many categories that have traditionally struggled with compatibility in aluminum cans,” said David Racino, co-founder and CEO of American Canning. “Our business has always been centered on enabling brands to make their way into cans. The introduction of aTULC as a third liner option will allow craft producers to completely re-imagine the types of products that can be packaged in cans.”

“Having won beverage ‘Can of the Year’ in 2010 and 2019, aTULC’s technology is proven to more than double shelf-life in hard-to-hold categories. We’re excited to bring aTULC to the states with a plant solely dedicated to craft,” continued Racino.

Currently producing 12-ounce standard aluminum beverage cans at its aTULC facility, American Canning plans to add production of 16-ounce standard cans this spring. Cans can be custom-printed, and orders are currently being accepted nationwide in all beverage categories.

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