Communication with customers is an important part of marketing and branding. In many cases, brands are not sure how to go about properly getting the message out to a large audience. With the internet, there are quite a few different outlets to get your message out, but this does not help with offline customers.

A simple and effective solution to communicate with offline customers is taking advantage of labels to tell them what you need to.

Labels are everywhere, and since they can be placed anywhere, they give you an easy solution to communicate in a simple manner with consumers. Since the label will already be on a product that consumers have purchased, it is much easier to get your message in front of the eyes of your target demographic.

For example, if you sell multiple flavors of your brand’s potato chips, you should be cross promoting the different flavors in unison. This can be done by inserting an ad into the bag, or better yet, sticking a label on the bag that points the customer towards some of the other options they have to choose from.

What makes this strategy even better, is that you do not have to try to find your target audience since they are already buying one of your products. Now you can tell them about the other products that you offer, or give them discounts, send them a nice thank you note for buying your product, etc.

The other benefit of using labels for brand messaging is that they can be very cost effective. This allows you to save money while still getting your message out to the right people.

Even if you do not have a specific message that you want to have seen, just getting your brand logo or your brand tagline out there will help create more brand awareness. This is still a form of messaging, and taking advantage of labels as bumper stickers to get your brand seen will benefit you, even if the benefits are not seen right away.

The trick for using labels in messaging is getting them out there. In many cases this can be a numbers game, the more you get out there, the better the chance of them being seen. Give them to coworkers, customers, friends and relatives. If half of the people that you give them to stick them in a place where they will be seen, then many others will learn of your brand and your message.