Everywhere I go, whatever I read, I see or hear the word “Millennials.” The subsection is really ruling the way the world shops, eats, dresses, listens to music and more. I have a couple issues with this group. First of all: How did I get so old as to have a group below my “Generation X” cool what-I-thought-then kitchy generation? And second, can I join?

But here we are, trying to reach this generation of NOW, the people in the 18-34 year old range, who are the largest generation since Baby Boomers (according to recent census reports). Millennials are a major driving force in how brands, packagers and processors make and market their products – and they are a significant influential group in our economy.

How do we start packaging, labeling, and defining products for this group? It may be easier than you think. Here are a few key factors from JohnsByrne, printing and packaging solutions provider:

Get personal: Millennials love products that reach out to them, making them feel a personal connection. Think of ways to make your packaging connect with them – such as collections based on skin-tone makeup, lifestyle choices or tastes.

Exclusivity: Make them feel special. Sort of an add-on to the personal reach-out above, you can try to create an exclusive brand message consistent with product, with a little change. An appealing design creating urgency could reach this group, or a specialty product release.

Customize: Forego the basics. Millennials care about the outside packaging as much as what is inside. They gravitate toward a customized package that is unique, like they are. Note: To win this group over, develop a design that impresses and is worthy of showing off.

To keep up with this new generation of consumers, realize that they are also parents. They buy from every category under the sun and likely want more for their families than they had. The right packaging with a catchy label that pops, different colors and unique print applications could make all the difference in grabbing the eye of the Millennial shopper. And, as the largest group purchasing organic, all-natural products, if your packaging is such, it will be a magnet for Millennials.