Take a look at the Delallo lemon juice bottles in the photo. Two bottles side by side that sort of look like a lemon. They were designed in a way that would stand out better in the store when side by side.

This did get me to look at it when I was just walking down the juice aisle. I thought it was nice to see something different. Truth told, I didn’t buy it because I hadn’t a need for lemon juice. But you can bet I will remember where it is the next time I’m at my local supermarket.

So what, exactly, goes into an out-of-the-box design strictly for a certain display set up? The design team must think about the display before the design of the package itself– which is what brands need to do more and more. Anyone can create a cool looking bottle or package, but pair that with a neat display like the Dellalo side by side, and you have a solo design that works, along with a shelf display using just two bottles for a more appealing visual.

I don’t design; I’m a writer. Yet I am a consumer and know what appeals to me and catches my eye. If I were a designer, I would begin by starting at the end and working backward – from the display back to the initial design, in order to figure out what could work on a display, at the shelf and with whatever materials with which I would be working. I sure don’t envy designers. They are tasked with not only these criteria, but also appeasing shoppers by creating packaging that is recyclable, sustainable and so on. The list seems never ending lately.

What packages have you seen recently that caught your eye at a POP display or on the shelf?