ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, has introduced its fiber-based Modified Atmosphere Packaging RAP Sandwich Wedge to the North American market. Designed for sandwiches and wraps, this groundbreaking package introduces the concept of modified atmosphere packaging to a fiber-based format.

By combining the benefits of modified atmosphere packaging with sustainable fiber materials, ProAmpac addresses the demand for reduced food spoilage, environmentally friendly packaging, and an enhanced consumer experience in the food-to-go market. With the capability to keep a fresh sandwich or wrap preserved for up to 28 days, ProAmpac’s RAP Sandwich wedge is a pioneering approach that sets a new standard for freshness and sustainability in on-the-go meals.

"Sustainability lies at the heart of ProAmpac's business strategy, and we are thrilled to unveil the fiber-based Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) RAP Sandwich Wedge," said Irma Randles, ProAmpac's market manager for Fresh Food To-Go. "Our packaging solution represents a more sustainable alternative to conventional plastic sandwich packs while reducing food spoilage costs."

ProAmpac's RAP Sandwich Wedge incorporates a carton board structure with a thin film lining to optimize product preservation and visibility. Engineered for hermeticity, this innovative solution utilizes high barrier technology to extend product shelf-life, especially when incorporated with gas-flush filling technology. The RAP Sandwich Wedge enables longer transit and selling time, enhancing sales potential while minimizing food waste.

“The RAP Sandwich Wedge boasts wide recyclability,” added Kevin Vyse, head of technical of RAP products for ProAmpac. “Consumers can peel away the film liner, and the carton board is easily recycled in paper streams. Crafted from responsibly sourced fiber and utilizing less plastic packaging than conventional rigid containers, the RAP Sandwich Wedge significantly reduces packaging waste.” 

Furthermore, with custom graphics and branding printed directly on the pack, the RAP Sandwich Wedge elevates the grab-and-go sandwich or wrap into a premium option. Food retailers gain operational efficiencies when sandwiches are packed upstream using MA technology and can maximize onsite labor. 

To learn more about our award-winning RAP Sandwich Wedge or fresh food to-go packaging, watch this video found here.