Verde Bioresins Inc., a full-service bioplastics production company offering innovative and proprietary bioresins, known as PolyEarthylene™, on Monday announced a new product launch through GreenGear™ Supply Company, a sustainable product supply company, to introduce the EcoShop Bag, a bio-based, reusable, recyclable, and landfill-degradable bag debuted and currently being used by the Philadelphia Eagles for retail sales at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Produced from PolyEarthylene™, the EcoShop Bag has the potential to redefine sustainability standards within the NFL and other sporting and entertainment venues.

"Verde is a pioneering company leading the charge in sustainability and innovation within the plastics industry, with the objective to transform the sector by offering a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics," said Joseph Paolucci, CEO of Verde. "This collaboration with GreenGear™ signifies a meaningful initiative for Verde as it aligns with our commitment to advancing eco-friendly plastics solutions and catalyzing change in sustainable practices across the plastics industry, supporting the circular economy."

Norman Vossschulte, Director of Fan Experience and Sustainability, Philadelphia Eagles, said, "The Philadelphia Eagles' sustainability journey began in 2003 and since then, our Go Green initiative has grown into a sustainability program that works year-round to reduce the organization's environmental footprint. We are committed to driving transformational change within the sports and entertainment industry through our sustainability efforts; introducing the EcoShop Bag is another example of our commitment to a more sustainable future."

The Philadelphia Eagles have always taken a holistic approach to minimizing the environmental impact associated with stadium operations. This commitment extends to every event held at the stadium as the bags are used for all retail merchandise, including concerts. 

Through this initiative, the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field are positioned to offer bio-based, reusable, recyclable, and landfill-degradable bags for all events held within the stadium.

Based on Verde's analysis, while many stadiums across the United States have transitioned from plastic bags to paper bags, the environmental drawbacks of paper bags have become evident. Unlike some paper products that may use Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFOS/PFAS, or commonly known as "forever chemicals") in the manufacturing process, Verde's PolyEarthylene™ offers a sustainable alternative. 

The EcoShop Bag is meticulously designed with the circular economy in mind, beginning with durable plant-based materials for reuse or recyclability while also possessing landfill-degradable components if disposed in regular waste streams. In addition, unlike conventional reusable bags and paper bags, the carbon footprint of producing the EcoShop Bag is significantly lower.

As the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field continue to work toward a greener, more sustainable future, Verde, along with GreenGear™, aspire to create similar sustainability efforts, inspiring sports and entertainment organizations and venues around the globe to join in this essential mission to eliminate plastic pollution.