EcoTensil Inc. maker of the award-winning and eco-friendly EcoTaster tasting utensil, announced a new grab & go package design whereby a convenient, sanitary SpoonLidz® “pops out” of its paperboard lid. The revolutionary PopOut SpoonLidz is made from smooth and sustainable paperboard, similar to a coffee cup, and in one fun fold becomes a sturdy and pleasing spoon.

Today’s consumers are busier than ever. They want convenience. They want healthy. They want sustainability. In other words, they want it all.

The market for easy grab-and-go products has never been more competitive as the demand for single-serve snacks/meals continues to grow. Every day 28 million Americans eat a grab-and-go snack, according to the consumer market research firm The NPD Group. Since 71% of consumers recently said healthfulness was a major factor in food choices, bags of chips and candy bars aren’t the answer. Cups of such products as cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, fruit are healthy, but without a spoon, they are not truly grab-and-go. Market research points to 64 percent of consumers buying green products, so adding a plastic spoon is not the perfect solution either.

EcoTensil has bridged the gap between the frequently opposing trends: convenience and sustainability, by creating the PopOut SpoonLidz. PopOuts can replace a tab lid or foil with a built in sanitary utensil to enable products to be eaten on the go. They are made from renewable paperboard instead of dense plastic cutlery.

Manufacturers and merchandisers are also able to call attention to a new flavor or style with the PopOut’s “POS tab” that makes your product stand out from the rest of the grocery aisle like never before.

EcoTensil’s PopOut can be relatively easily added-on to most existing packaging. In addition, PopOuts can be easily customized for your brand.

The “free from” company Wink Frozen Dessert has adapted the PopOut Spoon for their frozen dessert, taking their “Less is More” campaign beyond a calorie count, and into their commitment to less waste on the planet with more packaging value.

Drawing upon her extensive packaging design and marketing experience, EcoTensil’s founder and creator, Peggy Cross, knows the value of convenience for on-the-go consumers. She understands the importance of offering businesses better choices for sustainable packaging to demonstrate that they care about the environment. Prior to launching packaging utensils, Peggy developed the popular EcoTaster tasting utensils to help end “one taste plastic waste” for food sampling at retail stores, tradeshows and events. Because EcoTensil products are compact in design and created in the US, they also have a significantly lower carbon footprint than other tasting utensils that ship overseas.