Coesia, through its company FlexLink, has closed the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Automation & Modular Components.

Automation & Modular Components, LLC. (AMC) is a manufacturer of material handling automation systems with integrated controls, as well as conveyors for integration into assembly systems and production lines, headquartered in Davisburg, Michigan, USA.

Thanks to its higher load applications, AMC serves a multitude of industries including, Automotive, Food packaging, Medical, Appliance, Metalworking, Electronics, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Alternative Energies, and Household Products.

AMC will strengthen Coesia’s and FlexLink’s presence on the US market, especially in the Battery sector, and where a combined assembly or production process needs heavy weight and small weight material handling applications.

“We are glad to welcome AMC in our Group, we consider this company a strategic asset especially for the development of FlexLink, whose robotic and material handling expertise will be further enhanced and expanded by AMC’s heavy weight conveyance systems,” says Alessandro Parimbelli, Chief Executive Officer of Coesia. “The introduction of AMC into Coesia’s portfolio in the United States will enhance the organization's capabilities and allow the group to continue on its path to being a dominant solution provider in the automation industry.”

“Coesia with FlexLink is the perfect home for AMC to continue on its growth path and further expand its global presence, continuing to help companies in over 25 industries across six continents to produce goods faster, with more consistency,” says Dick Shore, former owner of AMC.

Coesia plans to keep investing in automation technology. The sector has attractive growth that will persist long into the future. The group will continue to support inorganic and organic growth in the US and globally.

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