Plastic Ingenuity, the largest custom thermoformer in North America, has published its third annual Circularity Report, highlighting milestones achieved in the past year and opportunities ahead. From earning a WorldStar Packaging Award to securing key certifications for environmental management, Plastic Ingenuity has reinforced its position as an effective leader in the evolving sustainability arena.

“Even among well-informed stakeholders sincerely and ardently searching for practical solutions, sustainability can be a challenge,” said Dan Kuehn, President and CEO of Plastic Ingenuity. “Our technical base and collaborative culture have enabled Plastic Ingenuity to become a trusted resource for our customers and associates within the relatively small niche of plastic thermoforming.”

During 2023, Plastic Ingenuity conducted its annual Packaging Sustainability Stakeholder Study, noting a significant uptick in environmental initiatives among those surveyed. 

In fact, 100% of the organizations surveyed in 2023 had well-defined sustainability goals – up from 67% in the first year of the study, 2021. This comprehensive study involves sustainability and packaging experts from consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies, retail sectors and healthcare organizations. Seventy-six percent of participating stakeholders identified “make packaging from recyclable materials” as their top sustainability goal in 2023.

The knowledge gathered from these stakeholder studies continues to inform Plastic Ingenuity’s strategic initiatives, such as its recent certifications in ISO 14001 and ISCC Plus, and its adoption of carbon emissions accounting.

Sakif Ferdous, Plastic Ingenuity’s Chief Revenue Officer, said, “By aligning our goals with the insights gained from stakeholders, we aimed not only to make informed decisions within Plastic Ingenuity but also to contribute to the broader industry’s solutions to the plastic waste challenge. By sharing our learnings, we hope others will join us in our effort to create a circular economy.”

Among many important findings, the 2023 study revealed that looming implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation in the U.S. will be a pronounced driver of change. In addition, those that operate on a global scale are conscious of the potential impact of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). Legislation will play a vital role as a facilitator of transformation in coming years, rousing action in organizations that have struggled to meet their voluntary circularity goals.

“At a time marked by new legislation, impending deadlines, and heightened scrutiny from consumers and retailers, committing to sustainable and ethical business practices has become paramount,” said Ferdous. “Our team is already working on novel design and material innovations in anticipation of our customers’ future needs as we progress to a truly circular economy.”

These initiatives are explored in detail in Plastic Ingenuity’s new Thermoform Circularity Report. Visit to access a copy.