OMV Technologies USA, LLC, a renowned leader in thermoforming and extrusion technologies, proudly announces the sale of its state-of-the-art RM77 thermoforming machine to Goplas, a prominent thermoforming manufacturer based in Mexico City. The transaction marks a milestone in the partnership between two esteemed companies with a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the packaging industry.

The OMV RM77 thermoforming machine stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing prowess. Boasting robust construction and advanced features, including inline rim rolling technology, fully automatic in-mold trimming, and a revolving mold, the RM77 offers unparalleled production capabilities, with the ability to produce over 174,000 water cups per hour. OMV's dedication to pushing the boundaries of thermoforming technology has solidified its reputation as an innovation leader in the industry, with over six decades of experience in delivering high-quality solutions to its customers worldwide.

"We are thrilled to announce the sale of our RM77 thermoforming machine to Goplas," said Brooke Maltun, President at OMV. "This transaction not only underscores the exceptional performance and reliability of our equipment but also represents a strong partnership between two family-owned companies dedicated to delivering excellence to their customers."

Goplas, a market leader in Mexico, as well as across the Americas, has selected the OMV RM77 machine to enhance its production capabilities and meet the growing demand for packaging solutions in the region. With a shared emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, the collaboration between OMV and Goplas is poised to drive progress and success in the food packaging sector.

"We are excited to integrate the OMV RM77 thermoforming machine into our operations," said Jesus Ordorica, General Director at Goplas. "This investment aligns with our commitment to delivering superior products and services to our customers while maintaining our position as a leader in the industry."


OMV Technologies, with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a distinguished leader in the thermoforming and extrusion industries. As part of the OMV Group, which also includes OMV Machinery srl based in Verona, Italy, the company benefits from a global network of expertise and resources.

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Goplas, headquartered in Mexico City, is a leading family-owned company specializing in high-quality packaging solutions. With a strong reputation for excellence and innovation, Goplas serves clients across Mexico, North, Central, and South America. Committed to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, Goplas delivers innovative packaging solutions tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Learn more at