Cibo Vita, manufacturer of Nature’s Garden Snack Foods, has announced that its award-winning Probiotic Yoggies are now available in Mixed Berry and Peach Mango flavors. 

In addition, responding to the popularity and demand for Yoggies, Nature’s Garden is bringing its development approach to the trail mix category through the LemonBerry-Mixed Berry Probiotic Trail Mix Snack Packs Combo.  

Coated in yogurt, Yoggies are real fruit bites infused with probiotics, the bacteria that helps supports digestion, gut, and immune health. Yoggies contain 2 billion live probiotic cultures and 3 grams of prebiotic fiber, and are 80 calories per serving. Yoggies are non-GMO and contain no artificial ingredients, and come in recyclable packaging.

New packaging options/flavor combinations were created to accommodate the needs/requests of convenience, warehouse, drug store and big box chains:

  • 30-count Snack Packs – Zipper Pouch
  • 12-count Snack Packs – Carton
  • 18-count Snack Packs – Zipper Pouch
  • 7-count Snack Packs – Zipper Pouch
  • 2-ounce – Zipper Pouch