The revolutionary technology developed by sustainability start-up Blue Ocean Closures to reduce plastics in packaging closures has been introduced to the market, the company announced in late April. 

The cellulose fiber cap on Great Earth products marks the epic start of commercializing the brand new category of advanced, recyclable-as-paper closures.

Sweden-based Great Earth is a producer of nutritional supplements with a vision to contribute to a good and healthy world. The collaboration with Blue Ocean Closures is motivated by a strong desire to create a better world and actively work with sustainability.

Patrik Falk, CEO, Great Earth Scandinavia AB, said, “In line with our vision, it is obvious for us at Great Earth to choose the most sustainable packaging solution. Fully implemented Blue Ocean Closures’ fiber screw cap reduces our plastic use by 2.6 tons per year and impacts carbon footprint. It is an important step on our journey towards increased circularity.”

Completely new to the industry, the disruptive innovation presents an alternative to existing plastic screw cap solutions. The application for Great Earth – vitamin supplements supplied in rPET bottles with a 38mm top diameter – is a great fit with Blue Ocean Closures technology. With 95% fiber content, in addition to reducing the amount of plastic, the closure contributes to a significant reduction in carbon footprint. At the same time, it increases shelf visibility and sends a clear signal to consumers

Lars Sandberg, CEO, Blue Ocean Closures AB, said, “We are proud that we have taken this concept from idea to market introduction in just over two years. A great achievement that would not have been possible without our strong team and valuable partnerships. Owners, customers, suppliers, researchers and more forward-driving actors have all played a vital part of our journey.”

A first mover in their segment, Great Earth is part of a community of pioneering partners, including The Absolut Group and Coca-Cola. The global brands are frontrunners in the development together with Blue Ocean Closures to bring fiber-based closures to market.

The first batch of products will be available at a specific location in June and introduced to several market channels during autumn.