Last week, NY Knicks star Josh Hart was caught eating Just Born's Mike and Ike candy while doing a press conference and then tweeted that he would love to have his face on a Mike and Ike box. Per the brand, it’s long been known that Mike and Ike is the sweetest part of Josh’s pre- and post- game ritual, so the candy brand acted quickly to make Josh’s dreams come true.

Mike and Ike created and shipped custom only-for-Josh candy boxes with his face on the front and back. Hart couldn’t believe the gesture from the brand, and he responded with a post on X last night with the following: "I love the Mike and Ike box with my face on it – crazy that they responded to my tweet. Mike and Ike is my favorite candy, and has been part of my pre game routine since college. I’m excited we are finally teaming up, can’t wait to see what we can do!"