PoP Shoppe line features vintage bottle design.

The PoP Shoppe launches a new, premium lineup of their iconic sodas, now made with pure cane sugar. The reformulation marks the first-ever change to The PoP Shoppe’s product lineup since its inception in 1969.

The PoP Shoppe bottles, fromVitro Packaging(www.vitropackaging.com), are a take on the original bottle from the 1970s. The bottle is a 12-ounce glass bottle (in the 1970s it was a 10-ounce bottle) with twist-off metal cap.

Created in response to customer feedback to remove high fructose corn syrup from its eight-flavor lineup, The PoP Shoppe’s Cane Sugar sodas are now available throughout the U.S., with plans to launch the new Cane Sugar line in Canada in late 2012.

The PoP Shoppe story began in 1969, when two Canadian entrepreneurs began selling soda, in a unique variety of flavors, at independent PoP Shoppe retail outlets. Customers would return their empty bottles each week in recognizable, red PoP Shoppe-branded crates, for a refund, and then pick-up fresh bottles for their families. Over the next several years, The PoP Shoppe was operating over 1000 stores in North America.

In the early 1980’s, The PoP Shoppe closed its doors, largely due to competition from private label grocery brands. In 2004, businessman Brian Alger relaunched The PoP Shoppe brand and today, The PoP Shoppe is Canada’s best-selling premium soft drink and is available across the U.S.