Snack Factory expands, boosts sales after packaging changes.

Snack Factory has revealed new packaging and two new flavors for its Bold & Spicy Pretzel Crisps® line-up. Jalapeno Jack and Chipotle Cheddar join Buffalo Wing in the Bold & Spicy line. To better represent the line, the company revamped the packaging using warmer colors (red, yellow and orange tones), sizzling flame designs and a flaming Bold & Spicy insignia.  There is also a black band across the top of the packaging that calls out the Bold & Spicy category.   

In addition to a revamp to their Bold & Spicy line, the company had a packaging upgrade in 2010, refreshing the entire line with brighter colors, an updated logo and new photography that showcased Pretzel Crisps’ stackability. Also, in 2010, the company increased their package size from 6 ounces to 7.2 ounces.

According to Jessica Harris, public relations director for Snack Factory, the redesign has been a success, “According to the June 12, 2011 IRI data, Pretzel Crisps is up 115% over four weeks in Total U.S. Food sales from a year ago.  The 52 week data reveals a Total U.S. Food sales dollar increase of 83%.”

To help determine the new flavors and packaging to beef up their product line-up, Snack Factory reached out toAffinova. Through their IDDEA evolutionary optimization technology, the brand tested various flavors and package combinations. IDDEA II measurement enabled them to evaluate the top concepts in terms of purchase intent, uniqueness, believability, and other key measures against other top concepts as well as competitive products already on the shelf to determine the concepts with greatest market potential.

Pretzel Crisps are available in the deli aisle of supermarkets and select specialty retailers nationwide and retail for $2.99 each. There are seven flavors in the Pretzel Crisps Deli Style line-up.