Equipment vendor has also added new machinery, new product demo area, new logo, and revamped website.

Axon, Raleigh, NC, a division ofPro Mach, has much to celebrate during its 20th anniversary year, including a 25% increase in sales.

“We’ve bounced back from the recession with double-digit sales growth,” says Brad Wegner, vice president and general manager, Axon. “Today Axon has the most comprehensive line of applicators for shrink sleeve labels, tamper bands, and stretch labels in our history.

“Over the last 18 months, Axon changed its approach to mechanical, electronic, and software engineering and now delivers new products to market and to customers faster than ever before – products that feature greater modularity, ease of operation, and technical support.”

In the past 12 months, Axon introduced its new Aurora™ mandrel style shrink sleeve applicator and the ThermoRay™ radiant heat shrink tunnel. The new Aurora applicator line offers speeds of up to 300 sleeves per minute as well as the integration and operational advantages of the industry standard Packaging Machinery Language (PackML). The ThermoRay heat shrink tunnel reduces overall energy cost by lowering electricity requirements by 20 percent over the model it replaces, and it can be shipped the day following an order via UPS Ground at a discounted price –ThermoRay Express Pricing.

Product demonstration area, growth in Latin America

At its facility in Raleigh, Axon has completed work on a new product demonstration area for customers who are looking to buy an Axon machine. The demonstration area, which features a host of amenities for national and international business travelers who need to stay in touch with their offices, will also be used for factory acceptance testing and product training. In terms of international business, Axon has been aggressively growing sales in Latin America and will shortly expand its Spanish language website to be on par with its English language website.

Axon redesigned its company logo, adopting a new sleeker look, and revamped its website. Web visitors will find it faster and easier to hone in on the optimum Axon solution for their application.

“Customers in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, dairy, and other consumer products industries find that Axon today has a breadth of applicator and heat tunnel solutions that no one else in the industry comes close to offering,” Wegner said. “Customers appreciate having such a broad range of options. This is a great position to be in as we begin our third decade of operations.”  

For more information on label and tamper band applicators and heat tunnels from Axon, call 1-800-598-8601 or