pi global (www.piglobal.com), an independent global branding and design consulting agency, has created new packaging designs for Goya Marinades produced and manufactured by Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States.    

As the leader in authentic Latin American food and condiments with over 2,200 food products from the Caribbean, Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, Goya has their roots in the culinary traditions of Hispanic communities around the world. While combining authentic ingredients, robust seasonings and convenient preparation, Goya’s commitment to excellence has resulted in the company’s remarkably high brand awareness amongst Hispanic and general market consumers in the US market.

The design and packaging of Goya Marinades, product leaders in the ethnic marinade category in the US and available in four varieties including Mojo Chipotle, Naranja Agria, Mojo Picante and Mojo Criollo, were revamped to make the line more consistent and the appearance more vibrant.  Joe Perez, senior vice president of Goya Foods says, “It was important to Goya that the redesign for our Goya Marinades highlight the key points of the products usage, ingredients and taste while adding vibrant, eye catching graphics that would appeal to current and new market consumers.”

pi global strengthened and unified the marinade product line whilst simultaneously highlighting the unique flavors and use of each product. Key recognizable equities were maintained and strengthened, particularly in regards to the Mojo Criollo while differentiating the design to help expand the portfolio’s usage occasion. Furthermore, pi global established a clear naming strategy for Goya’s two new variants in order for customers to distinguish between the different products with ease.

 Paul Cowley, creative director North America says, “It was key that the vibrancy of the products were celebrated; evoking strong emotional recall of warm, spirited family gatherings around the dinner table.  Values that are inherent to the Goya brand.”  The brand design team at pi global added an exciting and fun Latin American feel with vibrant colors and a quirky typeface, creating a strong range personality whilst also maximizing the impact of the shrink sleeve. They tied ‘marinade’ in with the Goya branding so it became more of an obvious brand family whilst adding appetite appeal with new product photography and a more lively serving suggestion.