Onion Crunch is a new condiment repurposing existing packaging for a unique impact. With growing consumer demand for foods that are fresh and less processed, Onion Crunch is answering the call by adding a roasted onion flavor to any meal as America’s first kosher, pareve, and vegan crunchy onion condiment.

Onion Crunch is uniquely merchandised as a food topping in a spice bottle. Since it’s not a standard stock design, it’s really the only bottle like it that exists in the US market. It has an end of cap display and club store retail-ready packaging.

“Originally I wanted to have a condiment bottle that resembled the Heinz ketchup bottle, but couldn’t find any with an opening big enough to let out Onion Crunch, not just liquid. It was too expensive to create the mold I wanted,” says Nick Loeb, founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Onion Crunch. “I finally found large spice containers, which are used in the back of a kitchen. The labels are usually to be put on the side of the bottle, but I wanted a much bigger front-facing label like a condiment has. I designed the label to make their side our front, and found it could be inexpensively modified.” The bottle for Onion crunch comes from Tim Plastics (www.timplastics.com) in Maryland.

 “The label design has been a work in progress since 2005,” adds Loeb. “I wanted the bottled to look like a product that was nostalgic and that had been around awhile, and mimic colors or other condiments like ketchup and mustard, hence the red and yellow color scheme.  We wanted everyone to not only love the product, but to also think it's fun, which is how the Lil Nicky onion character was born. This whole process was an evolution, which continues to this day. We are launching new flavors, BBQ, Chipotle and Bacon, and modifying Lil’ Nicky for each flavor (for example, he’s a cowboy for BBQ, a Mexican for Chipotle, etc.). The one thing that will always remain the same is the Onion Crunch logo.”

Onion Crunch has seen success by securing distribution in 15,000 stores in its first year and is now available in more than 20,000 retailers nationwide including, Stop & Shop, Kroger, Safeway, Ralphs, Vons, Pavilions, Costco, Giant, Price Chopper and more.