Machine fills metal, plastic and laminate tubes in wide ranges of sizes and volumesOystary USA ( – whose parent company, OYSTAR Group, develops, manufactures and sells both complete packaging lines and individual machines for the dairy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries – offers the new Oystar IWK FP 10 Filling Platform for the filling of metal, plastic and laminated tubes at speeds of up to 70 cycles per minute.

The high-production, ergonomically designed FP 10 Filling Platform’s attributes include maximum process reliability through servo technology; excellent accessibility from all sides; changeover in less than 15 minutes; and interchangeable format and product contact parts.  The machine can fill tubes from 60-250 millimeters in length and 10-52 millimeters in diameter (10-40mm for metal tubes) at volumes ranging from 1.5-350 milliliters. 

The FP 10 Filling Platform showcases the proven mechanical design of OYSTAR IWK, a market leader in automatic tube filling whose hallmarks include rugged construction, maintenance-free implementation and innovative technology.  Another benefit of the machine is its 5.7” HMI touch screen panel, whose intuitive user interface displays all relevant process parameters.  The HMI screen also provides changeover directives, counts good vs. faulty tubes, shows user profiles, accesses tele-service via the Internet, and allows format data saving via USB. 

“The FP 10 is reliable, easy to operate and – with changeovers taking only 15 minutes – exceedingly versatile,” says Bernie Conlon, vice president of sales, pharmaceutical packaging for OYSTAR USA.  “The machine is ideal for any pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or personal care product manufacturer who values performance and flexibility.”