Amara Beverage Company announces the launch of its newly redesigned raw sports drinks. The drink is set for release in California and Nevada in 

Amara sports drink

the next month. Amara Beverage Company, based out of Berkeley, CA teamed up with McLean Design ( located in Walnut Creek, CA to refine the brand image and design.

Following Amara’s success of its first product and the strong following in the CrossFit community, the company is now finalizing the release of this new redesign utilizing a combination of co-packing technologies never used in conjunction before. Amara and 7UP Bottling Co. have teamed up to develop an innovative new co-packing process for the raw fruit beverages.

The beverage itself is a new type of raw fruit sports drink. Most of Amara’s customers follow the Paleo or Caveman diet so in working with the McLean Design team, Amara has refined the brands image to closely align with the Paleo lifestyle. The company also partnered with 7UP Bottling Co. for the re-launch project with a unique co-packing line that combines cold filling, carbonation, and a PET bottle. 7UP Bottling Co. was the only co-packer in the country willing to develop this new combination with Amara.

To make this co-packing innovation possible the Amara team has developed a proprietary bottle design that has is both lightweight and reinforced in specific areas. Early tests, with dozens of stock bottles, resulted in failed CO2 tests due to the base shape. The final base design incorporated a hybrid CSD format that was strengthened with thicker resin to withstand the cold fill / CO2 combination. The bottle is wrapped in a full body shrink sleeve and the label has a matte finish for distinct product recognition. Other non-thermal co-packing methods like High Pressure Pasteurization systems cannot accommodate carbonation because of the immense pressure placed on the liquid. When it hits the market it will be the first carbonated raw fruit product available to date. The new drink will go on store shelves during the West Coast launch, projected for early May.