For Canadians, the food can is an iconic packaging format and is synonymous with their favorite maple syrup. In the same way, Dominion & Grimm (Quebec), a prominent syrup producer, and CROWN Food Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. (, have worked together for more than 50 years to bring this Canadian staple to market. Dominion & Grimm has been committed to packaging its syrup in cans from the outset, and its long-standing partnership with Crown has been crucial to the company’s business success, positively impacting both sales and its brand identity, to build an enduring market presence.

In Canada, consumers recognize the syrup can immediately and, embodied in its classic design, the package has changed little in appearance, reinforcing the connection made between that packaging and the syrup itself. To such an extent, in fact, that to a Quebecer, taking maple syrup from a can is simply how it’s done, and alternative packaging formats fail to perform as strongly in the market.

Dominion & Grimm relies on the inherent benefits of metal packaging to ensure product quality and build brand awareness. Derived from the sap of Maple trees, the syrup is boiled and then packaged in cans which are hermetically sealed, eliminating the possibility that air or pathogens can enter and protecting the flavor of the pure syrup.

“As consumers become more health-conscious, they gravitate toward products like maple syrup because it is all-natural, not bleached, and a ‘true’ sweetener,” states Heather Clark, Ontario-B.C. Sales Manager at Dominion & Grimm. “We have come to understand that not only is the can a highly efficient format for syrup, but that it’s imperative to driving the purchase at the point of sale. Crown has proven to be an ideal supplier for many reasons, not least of which is outstanding customer service.”

Crown provides an array of services to Dominion & Grimm, including a high level of mechanical and technical support. In addition to conducting frequent on-site visits to test product performance, review the line and assisting them to troubleshoot issues, Crown has been instrumental in package design, assisting with printing adjustments and cost savings as well as helping them to maintain the recognizable ‘sugar shack’ imagery that consumers have come to expect.

Dominion & Grimm has seen several other benefits from using metal packaging. In addition to being an efficient format to ship and store, cans are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration, so no extra energy is expended to keep the product from spoiling. Syrup has a significantly longer shelf life when packed in metal, and cans are both tamper-proof and resilient. In addition, since metal is the most widely recycled packaging format, brands like Dominion & Grimm are able to promote a more sustainable solution to increasingly environmentally-conscious consumers.

“The partnership between Crown and Dominion & Grimm reflects the strong commitment Crown has to helping its customers build their brands through packaging. Based on mutual respect for collaboration and customer support, the relationship has led to an enduring, iconic packaging that provides consumers the product they want in the packaging they expect,” says Hella Gourven, marketing manager at CROWN Food Packaging North America.