Multisorb Technologies ( has announced the release of its newest program video. The video features its MAPLOX® Program – a low oxygen modified atmosphere packaging system for case-ready meat.

The MAPLOX Program benefits meat processors and retailers alike. For the processor, the program offers many great benefits including a distribution life of up to 20 days, optimized operations through the use of economic run sizes and better inventory control, as well as expanded geographical distribution. Retailers will also enjoy benefits including enhanced inventory management, reduced shrink and markdowns, and increased sales and profit.

“As Multisorb’s business continues to expand geographically, we felt there was a need to present this program in an easy to understand format to parts of the world that may not be familiar with this type of packaging system,” says Jim Renda, Multisorb president. “This video will be a great tool to explain the program in a clear concise manner, and with the extended shelf life it provides, the MAPLOX Program allows our customers to expand their distribution reach and meet sustainability objectives by generating less waste.”

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