Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. is proud to introduce Seafood Cocktail Sauce now conveniently packaged in an eight-ounce dipping tub. Graphically designed to stand out from the normal array of seafood sauces on retail shelves, the packaging is conveniently stackable or easily displayed in refrigerated areas. The packaging uses vibrant colors and images and boasts a transparent cup for optimum product visibility. Mylar® safety sealed to lock in freshness for maximum product shelf life.  

Tulkoff’s Seafood Cocktail Sauce has the perfect balance of bold taste with our freshly grated horseradish and rich texture with our family perfected proprietary blend of ingredients. Known for being packed with flavor with just the right bite, this product will deliver the flavors expected from a premium high-end restaurant. 

“Cocktail sauce is meant to be dipped, by removing it from the industry standard of eight-ounce glass jars, we have added a value and convenience for the customer. We are happy to be introducing this new product as it continues our commitment to our customers for high quality, flavorful and convenient products. With the holidays around the corner this will be a perfect companion for shrimp cocktail, fried seafood or oysters,” says Phil Tulkoff, president of Tulkoff Food Products Inc.

 Tulkoff’s Seafood Cocktail Sauce will be available at the beginning of November 2013 and will be sold in a 24-count case for retailers, convenience stores and foodservice distributors. Shelf life is 12 months refrigerated and like many of Tulkoff’s products, the Seafood Cocktail Sauce is certified kosher by the OU. This product and packaging style is also available from Tulkoff for Co-Pack and Private Label customers.