Cosfibel Premium (, a partner of Diageo, will manufacture the prestige coffret for the 2013 holiday season that guarantees an exclusive tasting voyage.

Platinum Label is an integral part of the traditions of Johnny Walker’s founders, who conceived Private Blend» for the company’s in-house celebrations. From generation to generation, the Walker family has always strived to keep the reserve’s great whiskeys for very special occasions.

To top off this unique experience, Johnnie Walker created a limited edition and selected Cosfibel Premium to manufacture the Private Case. This plastic injected coffret, lined in anthracite gray PU with grainy leather effect, evokes a traveling trunk with its silver metal riveted corners and its handle featuring a metal label. The only ornament on the coffret is a laser-engraved steel label.

It is wholly original with a surprising opening developed by Cosfibel Premium. To open the coffret, there is a key, or rather the label, which is a magnetic plate to be inserted in the slit on the side of the coffret. Once the key is positioned, it doubles as a handle that sets off a gently sliding lateral opening.

The bottle then appears inside padded gray pearl nubuck and decorated with an embossed logo.

To close the coffret, the key is not needed—one simply pushes the drawer until the lock’s click is heard. The package launches worldwide in November 2013.