The full line of delicious Bigelow Teas has always been known for the exceptional fresh taste of its flavor profiles. Now Bigelow has refreshed its packaging for enhanced visibility, updated product information and additional easy open and close features. The redesign brings engagement with consumers and the trade to a new and deeper level.

As a family-owned company that will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015, Bigelow Tea has continuously refined its product line. They regularly introduce exciting new flavors while upholding the superb quality of traditional favorites like their original blend, “Constant Comment®.” But the packaging, while familiar and friendly, was due for a refresh.

It wasn’t just a question of unifying their look and messaging across the different tea lines (herbal, green and black selections). “We wanted the boxes to work harder as communication tools,” says Cindi Bigelow, third generation President & CEO. “We wanted to tell more of the Bigelow story – who we are as a company, as a family, our dedicated efforts to create the best recipes possible, and why it matters.”

To that end, each panel of the Bigelow box was carefully reviewed as the redesign progressed. The result is a sleek, new, modern look that still strongly connects to the brand’s rich, visual heritage of using vivid color to identify flavor, while further engaging customers with interesting company stories and useful information about aspects of tea that make full use of each packaging panel.

Key Changes:

Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy Bigelow Tea:

  • The sleek, new box is super-convenient with a handy tuck tab for easier open and close.
  • Box tops feature a series of unique family stories with interesting, fun facts about Bigelow’s heritage and values.
  • Enhanced clarity of the logo makes it easier to spot and reinforces the brand’s American, family-owned history.
  • Flavor descriptions and ingredient details engage and tantalize.
  • The quality commitment to flavor, freshness, packaging and ingredients comes across loud and clear.
  • Everyone at Bigelow Tea is so proud of what they do that every box includes the name of the Bigelow packer, along with a clearly visible "best by" date.

Key “Constants”:

The Bigelow heritage remains unchanged:

  • Same exciting flavor line-up.
  • Same superb ingredients and proprietary blends.
  • No hidden reductions; same number of tea bags in each box and same amount of tea in each bag.
  • Same commitment to excellent value. While prices are just slightly higher, this is due to increased cost of ingredients and raw materials. It is Bigelow’s first pricing increase in many years.

No squeezing, please!

Among the new instructions on the box is the advice not to squeeze the teabag after brewing. While some people think this improves flavor, the opposite is true: squeezing the bag releases bitter tannins into the cup.

Suggested brew times have also been updated to eliminate confusion, although of course, tea lovers can brew to their personal preference. 

Still in protective foil pouches

To ensure Bigelow’s fresh, pristine flavor, tea bags are individually wrapped in foil pouches that shield delicate tea leaves from air, moisture and surrounding aromas, locking in flavor and freshness. The result is self-evident every time you open a pouch of Bigelow tea, take a whiff and brew up a cup. The rest of the packaging – box, strings, tags and tea bags –is completely recyclable. That’s just one aspect of the company’s commitment to “green manufacturing.”

On Shelves Nationwide Q4 2013 

In testing via gradual rollout, consumer response to the new packaging has been extremely positive. No surprise there, affirms Cindi Bigelow: “Our core consumers love to communicate with us, and much of what we changed or added came directly as a result of their feedback.” The rollout will continue to be gradual, with the new packaging projected to be distributed nationwide by Fall/Winter 2013.

From a steady flow of exciting new flavor introductions, to a strong online presence, to this latest packaging redesign, the Bigelow Tea Company demonstrates a knack for staying relevant as a trusted and beloved American beverage brand.