Robert H. Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. (, announced the acquisition of Arcil SA, a Paris-based supplier of packaging technology for the fresh dairy and food industry. The purchase, Barry-Wehmiller’s first within France, expands the firm’s packaging platform to six separate operating companies and escalates the capital equipment and engineering consulting firm’s reach within the growing global yogurt industry.

“Arcil’s expertise in providing cutting-edge, efficient packaging solutions is highly complementary to our diverse portfolio of packaging companies,” says Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller CEO. “Their technological leadership and leading market position extend our capabilities in the global fresh dairy market. We are pleased to bring our people-centric leadership practices to our new team members.”

“Our team is looking forward to enhancing our past success with the rich experiences of Barry-Wehmiller, a global organization whose leadership practices have resulted in 18% compound growth over the past 25 years,” says Eric Lesbats, Arcil CEO. “We are confident that Arcil will be further strengthened within the Barry-Wehmiller culture and our market position in global markets will grow. We anticipate an exciting new journey to ultimately advance the everyday pleasures of consumers around the globe.”

Arcil represents Barry-Wehmiller’s 65th acquisition—with no divestitures--since 1987 and its first in France. Through its combination of acquisition and organic growth initiatives, Barry-Wehmiller expects its 2014 revenues to reach approximately $1.7 billion. Chapman predicts Barry-Wehmiller will surpass the $2 billion mark within two years.

“We have been on an extraordinary path of purposeful and deliberate growth that exemplifies our philosophy of combining people, purpose and performance to create value for all stakeholders,” Chapman says. “We are delighted to welcome Arcil as the newest member of the Barry-Wehmiller organization, and we look forward to working together to build a strong global business, serving a balance of industries and markets.”