Tree Top, a Washington-based product fruit supplier and grower-owned cooperative, has unveiled its refreshed logo and packaging designs across its product lines. These updates reflect the company’s key attributes as an established fruit expert and trustworthy provider. The fresh fruit images on its packaging tie to Tree Top’s unique orchard to bottle story. Additionally, the new white background aligns to Tree Top’s simple, clean ingredients and helps unify the product family.

“We take great pride in the brand and company we have cultivated since 1960,” says Tree Top president and CEO Tom Stokes. “Tree Top’s brand refresh speaks to consumers seeking wholesome, quality fruit ingredients.”

 Along with the packaging updates, the new Tree Top logo reflects the company’s foundation as a premier fruit-based company. In addition, the new tagline, “Grower Owned Since 1960” reflects Tree Top’s down-to-earth, cooperative heritage.  The new packaging is rolling out to shelves now.