Mary’s Gone Crackers®, producer of award-winning organic, vegan and gluten free foods, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new brand identity. The new look will be launched across all of the product categories including crackers, pretzels, cookies and a bread crumb alternative, which will begin rolling onto shelves effective immediately.

“The consciousness in our culture has changed dramatically in the 10 years we have been in business,” says Mary Waldner, founder and chairman of Mary’s Gone Crackers. “We no longer need to educate our customers about the value of organic, whole, gluten free food. People get it! Our new look reflects our celebration of our company, our food and the joy we have in serving our customers.”

The new logo is round, recalling the shape of the brand’s beloved original seed cracker. Stars, sun rays and the furrows of the earth communicate the brand’s dedication to harnessing nature to bring nourishment to the products. “Mary’s” rather than “Crackers” is the focal point of the logo as the company expands into new product categories.

 As a whole, the new packaging design, logo and typography was chosen to express a more modern, fresh and accessible brand. Mary’s Gone Crackers products are available in natural and grocery stores nationwide. The re-designed packaging will cover all product SKUs, including the newly launched Graham Crackers, which will be available in two flavors – Classic and Chocolate – online in May 2014 and in stores in June 2014.