Funley’s Delicious®, a leader in all-natural, better-for-you snacks, gets a refresh as they launch a new cleaner look and additional convenient packaging options focused on their busy “on-the-go” family consumer. The brand’s non-GMO Super Crackers, the first and only superfood veggie crackers, and Wholly Granolly Clusters, delicious poppable whole grain granola snacks, will now also come in re-sealable stand-up bags featuring an updated fresh new look highlighting various nutritional benefits.

Funley’s Super Crackers and Wholly Granolly Clusters first and foremost are delicious, and have no preservatives, contain essential vitamins and minerals, and have nothing artificial. Super Crackers will now be available in 2-ounce and 5-ounce stand up re-sealable bags. The new packaging highlights the product’s unique superfood veggie front and center, and all of its nutritional benefits, including seven good-for-you minerals and vitamins. In addition, Wholly Granolly Clusters will be available in 2-ounce stand up re-sealable bags for on-the-go and optimal freshness. The new Wholly Granolly Clusters packaging will also spotlight the product’s six beneficial vitamins and minerals.

“We are excited to introduce our new look and new convenient sizes of packaging to our retailers and consumers,” says Shawn Mendel, CEO of Funley’s. “It’s important to evolve our brand and keep things fresh, but still stay true to our playful and creative values. In addition, highlighting the fact that Super Crackers and Wholly Granolly Clusters are non-GMO will help our retailers and fans recognize our products as a leader in the better-for-you snack category.”