Whether it is wine or spirits, liquors or premium beers, brands looking for new ways to set their products apart are finding that embossed or debossed metal containers increase attractiveness and help packaging stand out on store shelves by creating a premium aura.

Metal stamping technologies widen design variety and create exciting new ways to use packaging as a sales tool. Embossing involves raising part of any surface—often logotype, images or other brand details—so that they can be felt and seen and help focus consumers’ attention; debossing is the process of depressing selected areas to a similar effect.

Embossing and debossing can also be combined to create an eye-catching container. A recent design by Crown (crowncork.com) features the embossing across the length of the oblong tin and emphasizes an intricate combination of vertical line patterns featuring small circles, lines and reversed s-shaped designs. To further accentuate the tin, debossing on either side of the tin is used to highlight a phrase written in cursive and reverse printed in silver.

Of course, creating any new packaging requires careful planning. That statement is no less true for commemorative, seasonal or holiday designs. It should not come as a surprise that some brands are already planning their 2015 holiday tins. Seasonal tins are often viewed as keepsakes and collectibles and enhancements such as embossing raise the perceived value of the product inside. Crown’s specialized machinery and custom dies can emboss most package tins to three different depths in one pass.

When brands partner with Crown to create these enhancements, an exclusive tool is developed to match the requirements of an individual project and create each embossing or debossing effect.

 Ultimately a tactile enhancement like embossing adds a premium look to a brand and offers a way to add excitement to seasonal packaging.