The combination of outstanding design and packaging proved a winning formula for Warsteiner and Ardagh Group ( in two prestigious international competitions.

The Warsteiner Art Collection, a series of 6 shaped 330ml aluminium bottles, each one decorated with the work of one of 7 distinguished artists in HD offset on a metal base, took the winning prize in the ‘can and aluminium bottle’ category of the 2014 World Beverage Awards, and in the packaging category of the 2015 iF Design Awards.

For Warsteiner, founded in 1753 and one of Germany’s most international and privately owned breweries, it represents another example of the brand’s success in using modern culture to attract consumers, and particularly a younger and influential target audience, throughout the more than 60 countries where the beer is sold.

Ardagh was able to use the enhanced printing techniques at its Beaurepaire facility in France to reproduce the stunning artwork through sharp screens combined with solid covering colours on brushed transparent metal effects and gold tones.

Ulrich Kunert, International Marketing Manager at Warsteiner, commented: “We are delighted that the collaboration with Ardagh to create our own art collection on this very special limited edition bottle has earned such recognition through these important awards.”