Chobani announced the launch of a new creative platform and campaign centered on living life naturally. Committed to its founding mission of providing better food for more people, Chobani's multi-media, multi-platform campaign focuses on the brand's core belief: "To love this life is to live it naturally."

The Love This Life campaign will be fully integrated across all channels, from broadcast to social to shopper marketing. Chobani will also debut new packaging to elevate its naturally delicious taste through imagery of the real, delicious ingredients naturally found inside each cup.

"We're a brand based on the belief that when you live naturally, you live more fully," says Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer. "Today, we're aligning our marketing even closer to that belief, going beyond our naturally delicious food to also focus on the values that define us as a company and the humble but important role we hope to play in consumers' lives. It takes us beyond food, and moves us more into the lifestyle space while capturing some of our Mediterranean spirit and soul."

Authentic, real-life moments are the backbone of a series of modern American stories that connect the brand's values to its fans' values. The story begins with the campaign's anthem spot, introducing a mom, dad and their two kids and the relationship they share – all set against the backdrop of their family farm. Two more stories follow the same family and the simple moments they share with each other and their natural surroundings.

The ads will run during primetime television, beginning May 8 through May sweeps. Several more films and pieces of content supporting Chobani Flip and Chobani Simply 100 platforms round out the series and will air through September 2015.

Each tells a story about naturally delicious food and the people who value it. The series features original songs by artist and producer Eef Barzelay written and composed for the brand and available for download on the Company's website.

The new packaging will first see redesigns of traditional Chobani, Chobani Simply 100 and Chobani Flip, highlighting core attributes of the Brand, such as "Only Natural, Non-GMO Ingredients", "40% Less Sugar Than Regular Fruit Yogurt"*** in our traditional Chobani® and "75% Less Sugar Than Regular Fruit Yogurt"**** in Chobani Simply 100.

Since its founding, Chobani has been committed to making food with only natural, non-GMO ingredients.

The company believes that access to nutritious, delicious food is a right, not a privilege, and that food makers across the country have a responsibility to provide people with good options. Chobani's products are made with fresh milk from cows not treated with rBST* and proudly contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors.

As part of the Company's ongoing commitment to finding innovative ways to sustainably craft its products, recent initiatives have resulted in up to 20-30% less water consumption in the past year at its U.S. manufacturing facilities. Chobani also launched eight separate initiatives designed to result in 10 percent less plastic per cup, 25% less paperboard for overwraps and nearly 10% less corrugated cardboard.