In line with a long-term growth strategy, Færch Plast A/S has announced International expansion plans. One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high performance plastic packaging for the food industry, the Denmark-based company is building a network of overseas distributors for targeting aggressive expansion in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa the Middle East & Israel.

With its award-winning products and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Faerch Plast is now investing in a dedicated team to fuel growth beyond its EU home market. The expansion plans are focused on Faerch Plast’s core range of dual ovenable CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers for frozen and chilled convenience meals.

Offering a wide temperature tolerance from -40°F degrees (-40°C) to 428°F degrees (220°C), for freezer-to-oven or microwave convenience, CPET eliminates negative effects on food flavour and aroma. Available in a variety of exciting styles and designs, latest innovations from Faerch Plast include ‘dual colour’ packs for enhanced on-shelf appeal and product differentiation and ‘frost’ trays for unrivalled impact and shatter resistance at low temperatures.

Faerch Plast will also introduce containers produced from its innovative MAPET II mono material into the previously untapped territories. Specially designed for the robust top sealing of fresh meat, poultry and fish, these packs offer the same properties as multi-layer materials but are more cost-effective, secure and environmentally friendly than non-recyclable laminates. 

Joe Iannindardo, sales director for Overseas Markets at Færch Plast A/S says: “This International expansion is a key part of Faerch Plast’s strategic growth plan. The company has established an excellent track record over the past 46 years and created an impressive customer base working with most of the leading food manufacturers, processors and packers in Europe. We have an unrivalled reputation as a market leader in CPET containers for the European frozen and chilled convenience food industry and we are looking forward to establishing and working with a network of highly reputable distributors to replicate this success across the rest of the world.”

Faerch Plast’s dual colour CPET trays feature one colour on the outside surface and another on the inside, offering food retailers and manufacturers a major point of difference. These packs are targeted at high end convenience food products and are the ideal solution for increasingly popular oven to table ready meals as they are attractive enough for the consumer to bring to the table happily, without fear or embarrassment. Their introduction to major British retailers has been very successful and seen sales increases of 15%.

Produced from a single substrate using post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET), MAPET II trays can be sorted and recycled where the right waste infrastructure is in place. There is a wide range of colours available and transparent versions boast superior clarity due to the absence of a hazy PE layer. This allows consumers to assess the quality and integrity of the food item prior to purchase and gives the food product a more honest and authentic feel.

Highlighting its experience and reputation for innovation, Faerch Plast won five awards in 2014: Snack d’Or trophy at the Sandwich & Snack Show in Paris, for its innovative CPET pizza tray; a ‘Commended’ winner in the 2014 Starpack award’s Food & Drink Primary Packaging category for its dual colour CPET trays; a prestigious Scanstar award for MAPET II and a Worldstar in the food category also for MAPET II.