Entrepreneur David Kanter loves cocktails. A classically trained chef, he aspired to perfect classic cocktails by using traditional methods and high quality ingredients. His cocktails were sensational and needed to be bottled, so a new product concept was born – a single-serve, pre-mixed, full proof, and ready-to-drink bottled cocktail. Kanter needed a brand to go with his product. He needed a brand with a story that clearly defined his vision and helped illustrate what made his product so unique when compared to the more mainstream ready-to-drink options. His product stood out and Spring Design Partners had to ensure his brand would too.

In order to leverage Kanter's love of cocktails into an actionable brief for naming and design, Spring Design drew inspiration from the time in American history when our deep love of the cocktail was born – The Prohibition Era. A time of intrigue and drama, high society and lowlifes rubbed elbows while twirling swizzle sticks in sweet moments of debauchery and sin. This world is attractive to our target audience of global nomads who want a fully loaded home bar, but either didn’t have the space or the time to make it happen. These guys want simplicity – twist the cap, pour over ice, and enjoy with their favorite gal or pal.

The company needed a name that told the brand story, spoke to the people, clearly stood apart from the mixers of the world, and made a bold statement that was strong enough to define a whole new category. After an exhaustive search, Bamboozlers was born. The origins of the name are shrouded in mystery, but in the 1700‘s it’s original meaning was to trick or hoodwink. In the 1800’s, it showed up on college campuses as a slang term for being drunk. Thieves supposedly used it to describe a good drink. Bamboozlers welcomes others into our club of sophisticated intrigue. Bamboozlers invites others to come and play.

The design system tells a story of refined elegance with an edge. Concentrating on the swizzle stick as the tie that binds, Spring Design Partners identifies each drink with a unique icon that connects to a time passed. The flavor variants stand out and help with shopability whether the bottle is found in a hotel bar, an airplane cart or a home bar.

“I brought my brand to Spring Design while the products were still in the development phase. The team was instantly enthusiastic and inspired by my concept, and that infectious energy stayed alive throughout the branding process. I came to Spring Design for their expertiseand I ended up with brilliance,” says Kanter, President of Kanter Spirits.