Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) (, a leader in print, packaging, and labels for the spirits, branded consumer, healthcare, and multi-media markets helped Luxco ( launch the first premium tube for its brand portfolio.

Limestone Branch Distillery, founded by brothers Steve and Paul Beam, entered the craft bourbon market this year with the launch of Yellowstone® Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This new limited-edition bourbon celebrates the 105-year anniversary of their great-grandfather, M.C. Beam, selling his Old Trump Distillery to J.B. Dant, pioneer distiller and relative from their mother’s side, who began producing Yellowstone® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey at the distillery.

Packaging for the launch had to convey the brand’s premium heritage and authentic story. Just as the original Yellowstone® launch celebrated America’s first national park, the launch of this premium, limited-edition bourbon broke new ground again, with Limestone Branch Distillery’s decision to use a premium tube for the first time.

Lisa Ireland, vice president of sales for Multi Packaging Solutions says, “The MPS team was integral to the design and development of the tube – from the materials and decorative technologies to the custom gold end caps. For brand consistency, it was imperative that the outer packaging match the label. We worked closely with the Luxco team to explore options for the pearlescent stocks, foils, and custom end caps to ensure brand fidelity.”

Manufactured entirely in the United States, the finished tube echoes the legacy of national pride that inspired the original distillers and reinforces the heritage of the commemorative bourbon.