One of Europe’s leading producers of convenience salads, Swiss-based Eisberg group is using CSB-System ( to help provide end-to-end quality management and the meticulous monitoring of its products that ensures they are delivered to consumers as fresh as possible.

Using a web-based CSB application, raw materials are monitored for both quality and quantity during their growth in the fields. With laptop computers, Eisberg employees can directly input this on-site data into the system and access an overview of vendors, orders and products. This means that the company already knows the quality of its raw materials before they arrive at its production facilities, which allows for more efficient production planning and also for better assessment of Eisberg’s vendors.

CSB software is also used to assess raw materials once they arrive at the factory, with IT stations incorporating touch screens that enable online data capture and direct transfer to the ERP system. The screens display typical images of the raw materials so it is easier for workers to assess their quality. Analysis between field entry and goods receiving entry can determine any changes that have occurred on route to the factory, caused for example by transport conditions.

In total, every item has to pass 15 tests before it is approved for further processing. At this stage, the software creates a pallet label with all relevant details and a lot number, which is used to monitor the raw materials throughout production.

The first step in the salads production process is cutting, followed by inspection by an optical sorter for possible foreign objects. The salad is then washed, dried and packed. Throughout all these stages, the easy-to-use CSB-System supports staff via various Information Points – i-points – where relevant information, including production quantities, recipes and work instructions can be seen at a glance.

Equally important, the software ensures seamless traceability of all products through the consistent logging of each batch throughout receiving, each production stage and shipping. This means it is easy to prove which raw materials were used for which production batch.

At the same time, the CSB-System has also been employed to control nearly all business areas of Eisberg’s operation. The multi-language system supports operation and strategic processes across all countries. One example is central raw materials procurement handled from Spain, where purchasing managers are able to obtain exact daily and detailed statistics on vendors, quantities and prices which are consolidated from five different sites.