Shampoo & conditioner. Cosmetics. Toothpaste, Soap & body wash. Americans spend $50 billion annually for beauty & personal care products.

People invest a lot in them because they expect a lot from them. 

AMERIPEN’s ( new brochure, entitled Personal Care Packaging: Safety, Convenience & Sustainability, explores the benefits of the packaging used to protect personal care and beauty products, and the materials used in the production of these containers.

According to Jeff Wooster, President of AMERIPEN, “Personal care packaging keeps products fresh and safe, makes them easy to use, and educates consumers about how to get the most satisfaction from their purchases. Packaging thus plays an important role in guaranteeing that
consumers get full value for their personal care investments.”

Not only does the brochure explain these benefits in easy-to-understand detail, it also helps consumers make sustainable decisions about packaging once it has fulfilled its product delivery functions. The recommendations include guidance about recycling, buying the right size for the right occasion, and purchasing refillable systems for items like liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

The brochure is available at