Ready-to-eat dishes or snacks are very popular for people who are very hungry but do not have much time to eat, especially at lunchtime. The French company Parmentine is now offering a healthy, yet tasty alternative to sandwiches in the form of small potatoes in a cup that comes with a dip in a variety of flavors. The cup of pre-washed potatoes can be heated right in the microwave, and then eaten with the sauce provided in the lid – even on the go, thanks to the fork integrated into the lid. The expert responsible for the manufacture of the cups and lids: Greiner Packaging (

Cardboard-plastic cup – practical and attractive K3® cups are a compelling option, thanks to their cardboard wrap that reduces the heat from contact with the hot potatoes and allows consumption straight from the cup. A special window in the wrap also gives consumers a chance to see the product before buying it. “The cardboard and plastic combination makes our K3® cups very popular. The cups not only look and feel good, they also appeal to environmentally conscious consumers because of the reduced use of plastic. These advantages also tipped the scale for Parmentine,” says
Kenneth Boldog, Sales Director of K Europe.

The potato snack is now available in supermarkets in France and Germany, and soon in Great Britain, in tomato-basil and quark-chives flavors.

Packaging facts
- Technology (cup & lid): Thermoforming
- Decoration: Cardboard wrap
- Capacity: 250 g potato, 25 g sauce
- Material:
Cup: PP
- Flavors: Tomato-basil, Quark-chives