Nulogy (, a provider of Cloud-based solutions for the contract packaging industry, has announced its partnership with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in order to drive digital standards that make manufacturers more efficient and competitive.

Nulogy has partnered with DMDII to share its expertise on developing standards for tools and solutions that will digitalize the U.S. manufacturing sector. Nulogy will be leveraging more than a decade of experience in building best-in-class technology used in the supply chains of Fortune 500 brands, spanning the food and beverage industry, consumer goods industry, life sciences and high tech.

“Nulogy and DMDII share similar goals of providing U.S. factories and their network of suppliers with the tools and expertise they need to build things more efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Jason Tham, CEO at Nulogy. “We hope that our participation in building these standards for digitalizing manufacturing will benefit not only our customers, but also the entire supply chain. We aim to work with DMDII to pave a path for end-to-end supply chain visibility, traceability and shortened delivery times, which will improve efficiency and quality for everyone involved in the creation and distribution of products, from design to delivery.

“DMDII is transforming American manufacturing by building a digital thread from end to end of the manufacturing process,” states Jason Harris, director of corporate marketing at DMDII. “Leading companies, academics, entrepreneurs are collaborating to define problem statements, demonstrate technology solutions, and ultimately bring to the commercial market.”

Harris continues, “Nulogy brings a great dimension to DMDII in two ways. First, they offer the perspective of a supply / logistics solution, which many of our members are seeking as part of their total Digital Manufacturing strategy. Secondly, they offer an entrepreneurial spirit, which contributes to the overall ecosystem we are building across our consortia and pushes us to move quicker.”

Eighty-one percent of U.S. manufacturers acknowledge that digital manufacturing is a key element in their future competitiveness, but only 14% say they are adequately equipped today with digital technologies and related expertise. DMDII and its partners work to create the tools and technologies to fill this gap and solve today’s most pressing manufacturing challenges.