During the last three days, Global Pouch Forum hit an audience to talk about pouches and flexible packaging in the food and beverage packaging industry. From snack foods and prepared meals to beverages and the nitty-gritty traceability, pouch making and machinery/automation categories, no stone was unturned.

Here is just a sample of the Global Pouch Forum schedule that took place from June 15th through June 17th. We still have a couple sessions today for onsite registrants. If you were unable to attend in person or haven't registered online, you still may register for on-demand sessions here.

Passion for the Pouch: Tom Miller with General Mills shared his vast knowledge about what flexible packaging means to his company, as well as how it can affect others. He discussed “snackification” and how it affects consumer purchasing.

Clean Label Packaging: Boosting Trust and Sales of Pets/People: Anthony Bennie with Clear Conscience Pet discussed the necessity of clean labeling on both pet food packaging and food packaging.

How I Chose My Flexible Packaging Company: A Small-Business Owner’s Story: Sarah Lanphier with Nuts About Granola shared how she grew her business, made smart marketing decisions and worked with experienced packagers to shine.

The Future of Digital Printing in Flexibles: Smithers Pira’s Sean Smyth showed how digital printing is the key to moving forward in the printing world. Personalization and customization could push your products into the digital age.

How to Open New Pouch Markets with Added Features: The team of Tom Morsheimer from Presto Products Co. and Dave Johnson with Aptar shared insights on both sliders as well as fitments – and which is best for what product.

Emerging Needs for Fresh Product Packaging: Apio Inc’s Neeraj Sharma expounded upon consumers’ need for fresh, healthy and nutritious foods. Flexible packaging in the produce market has been tough to enter, but it is beginning.

Integration of Pouches and Retail-Ready: Ron Sasine with Hudson Windsor showed how being retail-ready with your products is a must-do. On-shelf placement, along with vibrant packaging, are major factors.

The Disruptive Pouch and the Corporate Culture: Andy Gordon shared Campbell Soup Company’s take on the role of flexible packaging, and announced that technology is the key moving forward to develop better, smarter packages and safer food with longer shelf-life.

How Traceability Can Help Prevent Foodborne Disease: A major impact stirring many in the packaging industry lately, Tejas Bhatt with the Institute of Food Technologists and the Global Food Traceability Institute, shared these considerations for traceability: food safety, food sustainability, food security and food defense (i.e. intentional contamination).

Successfully Managing the Pouch Packaging Machinery/Automation Process: Dennis Calamusa with AlliedFlex Technologies discussed the need for pushing forward with flexible packaging machinery and choosing the right partner. He also hit on the Pouch Packaging Methodology: pre-made pouch and rollstock. 

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