Jones ( has entered into a commercial collaboration with TUKU Inc., a leading innovator in location-based mobile marketing. The two will integrate TUKU’s dynamic content management technology with Jones’ printed intelligent packaging solutions to provide web-enabled packaging to pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This integrated platform will deliver product information and promotions, direct from the package to consumers’ mobile devices.

“Our strategy of developing intelligence-enabling printing applications for packaging led us to this important collaboration with industry innovator TUKU,” says Chris Jones Harris, principal, Strategic Initiatives and Alliances with Jones. “We are at the tipping point as packaging quickly becomes a key enabler within the realm of the Internet of Things. Certainly all statistics around in-store smartphone usage support this. However, we recognized that as the early entrant into this field, it would be important to deliver an integrated technology solution to our brand clients to simplify the complexity of this new consumer engagement channel. The TUKU team brings a successful market track record of developing and delivering unique dynamic content management solutions for retail and brand applications, and is a natural extension of the offering Jones looks to take to its market verticals.”

The combination of Jones’ connected packaging with TUKU’s dynamic content delivery platform creates a new, in-store media channel that communicates one-to-one brand messages to consumer mobile devices at the point of retail display. The technology allows branded products to virtually “sell themselves” by engaging the consumer who taps their NFC-enabled device to the package, or scans a QR code, to activate rich media messages. The message can be customized and adapted in real-time to dynamically deliver promotions at the store and SKU level for a specified date-time range. In addition, the channel facilitates social sharing, social commerce, peer recommendation, peer validation and a range of custom options. Shoppers using the technology now have limitless access to all the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

“We are excited to be working with Jones to re-invent the shopper experience,” says Mark Baldwin, CEO of TUKU. “Combining our technology with Jones’ expertise in intelligent packaging opens up a whole new communication channel for brands to deliver their message directly to in-store consumers and to gain valuable insights into consumers’ preferences and buying habits. We’re going beyond e-commerce to bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping.”