Lindahls, the leading Swedish quark brand, has launched a range of products into Waitrose and Ocado, with design by Hornall Anderson (

The packaging dials up active lifestyles, provenance and healthy design cues, reflecting the products’ fat free and high protein benefits, which should chime with the trend for healthy eating.

Lindahls is the leading quark brand in Sweden. It asked Hornall Anderson to help it launch products into the U.K. market with a design that would be adapted to British consumers but would also stay true to where it comes from. Quark, a type of fresh dairy product, is extremely popular in Northern Europe, but is not very well known in the U.K.  

The new packaging retains Scandinavian design, but also educates the consumer on the product’s benefits and usage.

The logotype has been redrawn to add personality, whilst complimenting the minimal nature of the design. Adding a ’smile’ into the ‘A’ communicates the benefits of quark. The design of the ‘A’ also breaks up the word and helps with the pronunciation of an unfamiliar product name.

Scandinavian design influences, such as the typography and leaf motif, illustrate provenance. The design is fresh and clean, but also achieves stand out with the use of bright colours, which reflect the flavour variants.

The retained Lindahls logo adds authenticity, while characters in action poses and leaf motifs communicate the benefits of the product and its natural qualities. Packaging is sleek, white and simple, illustrating the natural and healthy benefits of quark.

Matt Gandy, creative director, Hornall Anderson, says: “We wanted to ensure the brand remained true to its roots, but also make it fresh, new and different. Design cues communicate the products’ main benefits effectively, highlighting the fact it is natural, high in protein, fat free and healthy. The bright colours and beautiful Swedish design will give the brand standout on shelf.”

Says Heloise Le Norcy-Trott, marketing director, Lindahls: “The team at Hornall Anderson were already familiar with quark and its benefits, despite the fact quark is a relative newcomer to the UK food scene. They instantly understood the right benefits to highlight on pack for the UK market and have created packaging which will really resonate with consumers.”

Lindahls Quark UK range comes in three flavour variants:

  • Natural, available in 500g pot, to use as a high in protein, fat-free alternative to natural yogurt, crème fraiche or sour cream.
  • Raspberry, available in 150g pot, perfect for a breakfast on-the-go, as a filling snack or as a fat-free dessert.
  • Vanilla, available in 150g pot, perfect for a breakfast on-the-go, as a filling snack or as a fat-free dessert.